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The facts don’t lie

It can’t be ignored – Australians drink too much alcohol. From weddings and birthdays, to weekends and even Friday afternoons at the office, alcohol seems to be deeply entrenched in our lives. But while we may think our relationship with alcohol is positive and relatively harmless, the broader social, health, and economic impacts are alarming.

Alcohol-related harm is impacting Queenslanders all across the state. From direct health and family problems, to the indirect impact on the economy and crime levels; alcohol-related harm is far-reaching.

The QCAA is trying to turn the tide. But in doing so we need to highlight the real impact alcohol is having in our communities.


One million children are impacted by the alcohol use of others

Alcohol is a cause of over 60 types of cancer

Alcohol costs tax-payers over $36 billion annually

Nearly half of all homicides in Australia are alcohol related





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