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Policy Ask: Mandate the use of alcohol and other drug education programs in schools

Mandate the use of alcohol and other drug education programs in schools

The Department of Education and Training has made a vast number of resources available to schools for alcohol and other drug education, however little evaluation of these programs appears to have been undertaken and implementation is at the discretion of the school principal. School based alcohol and other drug education programs should be grounded in the evidence of what works to effect behaviour change, be implemented as intended and evaluated for their effectiveness. Effective alcohol and other drug school education programs are evidence-based and have a focus on social norms, an interactive style, and achievable and measurable goals. They also offer teacher training and a whole of school approach.

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Today on Twitter @QLDCAA will be sharing a short video by Anne Russell, looking at the need to better address FASD-related issues in Queensland, so I encourage you to please share the video with your networks.

Thank you for your support in promoting these necessary and popular measures to reduce alcohol harm.



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