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Our five-point plan

The overwhelming majority of Queenslanders believe that Australia has a problem with alcohol (76 per cent), and that more needs to be done to address alcohol-related harms (70 per cent). Despite this, they do not conceive that these problems will be addressed anytime soon, with 81 per cent believing that alcohol-related problems will worsen, or at best remain the same over the next five to ten years.

The people of Queensland know all too well that the harms from alcohol can have devastating effects, with 35 per cent having been affected by alcohol-related violence. Queensland hospitals across the state are experiencing the burden caused by alcohol, in 2012 there were 91,783 alcohol-related emergency department presentations representing an increase of 31 per cent from 70,170 in 2007.

QCAA acknowledges that no single strategy will reduce alcohol-related harms, and so instead a range of evidence-based strategies are required to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our five priorities

We have identified five key priorities:

1. Wind back late night trading hours and continue the moratorium on late night trading

2. Control the density of licensed premises

3. Prevent the harmful discounting and promotion of alcohol

4. Enforce responsible service of alcohol requirements

5. Collect data on alcohol sales, consumption and harms

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