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Every Queenslander deserves to know that they will be safe from preventable harms associated with alcohol, whether they are out visiting licensed venues or at home with their families.

Over the past 10-15 years, Queensland Governments of both persuasions have been prompted to take action to address hazardous alcohol consumption, in light of the high levels of alcohol harm. Some important steps have been taken.
Significantly, the Tackling alcohol-fuelled violence measures introduced in 2016 address the supply of alcohol by reducing the availability of alcohol through a modest reduction in the late night trading hours of on-licensed premises. This action is part of a suite of measures that have been proven to be effective in New South Wales and overseas.
Queenslanders want these measures. They want to have the freedom to go out and not have to worry about being exposed to alcohol related anti-social behaviour and violence. They want to enjoy their time with friends and family, rather than be concerned about the safety of themselves and those around them.

Queenslanders expect that their political leaders will make decisions in the best interests of the wellbeing of the community and adopt the most effective measures to reduce alcohol harm. They do not want these decisions to be compromised by those with a vested interest in making a profit. Parliamentarians should not be misled by the alcohol industry. Queenslanders certainly aren’t. Sixty per cent believe that the alcohol industry has too much influence with governments and make political donations to influence policy.
QCAA shares the concerns of Queenslanders about reducing alcohol harm. We want Queenslanders to live healthy, happy and productive lives, lives that contribute in a positive way to the social fabric of Queensland society.


Professor Jake Najman Chair, Queensland Coalition for Action on Alcohol

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