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Three Queenslanders die every day as a result of alcohol related harm. Another 100 are hospitalised every day. Not enough is being done to reduce this dreadful burden.

At the last state election, the Queensland Coalition for Action on Alcohol (QCAA) urged all parties to commit to a comprehensive, evidence-based plan to prevent alcohol harms ahead of next year’s election.

The QCAA 2015 Queensland Election Platform included measures to reduce alcohol violence, to protect children and families, support communities, reduce the burden on the Queensland health system and to develop a whole of government approach to reducing alcohol harms.

This platform prioritises the need for preventing alcohol harms in Queensland and encourages the Government to contribute to a national effort to stop the harms caused by alcohol. The health of the community and that of future generations depends upon clear, decisive action being taken and a strong leader willing to guide this action. See more…


Professor Jake Najman Chair, Queensland Coalition for Action on Alcohol

Download a copy of our 2015 platform


2015 Queensland election poll: Perspectives on alcohol

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) commissioned Galaxy Research to undertake polling of Queenslanders to gain an understanding of their perspectives on alcohol policies in the lead up to the 2015 State Election. Read more…

No one single approach can be effective.  We need a range of evidence based measures if we want to save lives and reduce harms.” Professor Jake Najman